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Hybrid and electric vehicles

Assessment of Life Cycle Cost for a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Denisa Cimerdean, Nicolae Burnete, Calin Iclodean
Steady State Engine Efficiency Specific to Series Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Cristian Ioan Leahu, Stelian Tarulescu, Sebastian Radu
Research of energy efficiency and carbon footprint for an urban small class electric vehicle
Cristina Mocan, Doru Laurean Baldean, Rares Curean
Numerical Simulation of the Mechanical Models Used for the Coupling of the Power Sources
Dinel Popa, Irina Tudor, Nicolae Doru Stanescu, Claudia Mari Popa
The influence analysis of the acceleration regimes on the specific WLTC test cycle regarding the fuel consumption and pollutant emissions for a vehicle equipped with a GMPDH
Gheorghe Banca, Florian Ivan, Daniel Iozsa, Valentin Nisulescu
Analysis of Range Extended Hybrid Vehicle with Rotary Internal Combustion Engine Using AVL Cruise
Norbert Bagameri, Bogdan Ovidiu Varga, Dan Moldovanu, Aron Csato, Dimitrios Karamousantas
Optimizing Shifting Schedule and Hardware-In-the-Loop Simulation of a Hybrid Vehicle Based on Dual Clutch Transmission
Norbert Bagameri, Bogdan Ovidiu Varga, Dan Moldovanu, Aron Csato, Dimitrios Karamousantas
Performance evaluation of an electric vehicle in real operating conditions of Quito, Ecuador
Juan Pablo Diaz-Samaniego, Jaime Guillen, Daniel Arroyo, Michael Maks Davis
Van dynamics performance analysis for different battery pack placement
Dan Moldovanu, Bogdan Ovidiu Varga, Florin Mariasiu, Calin Iclodean, Nicolae Vlad Burnete, Liviu Mihali, Sebastian Ola
Effects of battery placement on vehicle stability performance
Dan Moldovanu, Bogdan Ovidiu Varga, Florin Mariasiu, Calin Iclodean, Nicolae Vlad Burnete, Liviu Mihali, Sebastian Ola
Comparison and behavior analysis in relation to autonomy of urban driving cycle for compact class full electric vehicle using ADVISOR numerical simulations
Nicolae Stelian Lontis, Liviu Nicolae Mihon
The Chassis Design for Three-Wheeled Electric Motorcycle
Alina Rodica Spanu, Florin Stoenescu, Mario Lorenzi

Powertrain and propulsion

Influence of dwell time for double injection strategies in a wall guided GDI engine
Adrian Irimescu, Simona Silvia Merola
Functional analysis of a gasoline injection engine
Laszlo Barothi, Daniel Sava, Dumitru Catalin Darie, Leonard Iulian Cucu, Ion Copae
Potential performance characteristics for different types of tractors: two-wheel-drive tractor, four-wheel-drive tractors and crawler tractors
Mircea Nastasoiu, Nicolae Ispas
An Experimental Research on Power Losses into an Automotive Manual Transmission
Adrian Budala, Adrian Soica
Optimization of Cooling System for Internal Combustion Engines
Radu Tarulescu, Stelian Tarulescu, Adrian Soica
Availability Analysis of Alternative Fuels for Compression Ignition Engine Combustion
Jonathan Mattson, Christopher Depcik
Usage of Electric Motors/Generators for Engines Supercharging in Order to Increase the Efficiency of Exhaust Gas Energy Recovery
Cristian Ioan Leahu, Sebastian Radu, Stelian Tarulescu, Radu Tarulescu
Butanol effects on the fuelled diesel engine operation with preheated diesel fuel-animal fat blends
Alexandru Cernat, Constantin Pana, Niculae Negurescu, Nikolaos Cristian Nutu, Adrian Nicolici
LPG as alternative fuel for clean automotive diesel engines
Liviu Nemoianu, Constantin Pana, Niculae Negurescu, Alexandru Cernat, Dinu Fuiorescu, Nikolaos Cristian Nutu
The study of the energetic performance in test cycles considering a variable powertrain thermal regime
Cristian Alexandru Rentea, Mircea Ioan Oprean, Marius Bataus, Gheorghe Fratila
Thermodynamic study of airflow through the spark ignition engine intake manifold
Corneliu Birtok-Baneasa, Sorin Ratiu, Vasile Cioata, Adina Budiul-Berghian
A Pneumatic Propulsion System for Urban Cars
Tudor Mitran, Catalin Chioreanu, George Dragomir, David Fagadar
A study about development of electric oil pump controller based on the AUTOSAR
Haejin Kim, Seung Yun Ryu, Hojeong Yoo, Hyoungsu Kim, Kwangyeol Kim
Energy based slider-crank mathematical model
Doru Groza, Ioan Calin Rosca, Gheorghe Alexandru Radu
Combustion Analysis for Single Cylinder Engine Running on Various Types of Diesel
Nicolae Vlad Burnete, Florina Maria Serdean, Nicolae Burnete, Dan Moldovanu
Effect of electrode geometry on flame kernel development in a DI SI engine
Simona Silvia Merola, Adrian Irimescu
Drag Phenomena within a Torque Converter Driven Automotive Transmission - A Turbulent Flow Approach
Marin Marinescu, Ion Lespezeanu, Radu Vilau, Constantin Ovidiu Ilie, Octavian Alexa
A Conventional Approach to Estimate NOx and Soot Emissions of a Diesel Engine fueled with Diesel and Biodiesel Fuels
Bogdan Radu, Radu Chiriac, Alexandru Cristian Racovitza
Effects of Re-Designing of Two-Stroke Engine Fuelled with Gasoline - Ethanol Blend on GHG and Pollutant Emissions
Corneliu Cofaru, Nicolae Ispas
Kinematic Analysis of a Variable Compression Ratio Mechanism
Bogdan Manescu, Nicolae Doru Stanescu
Constructive Optimization of a Mechanism of Variable Valve Control
Claudia Mari Popa, Dinel Popa, Nicolae Doru Stanescu
Dynamic models for analyzing a self-propelled vehicle for people with locomotor disabilities
Nicolae Dumitru, Ionut Daniel Geonea, Cristian Copilusi, Sorin Dumitru, Oana Victoria Otat
Study of brake system parameters for commercial vehicles
Madalin Florin Popa, Nicolae Vlad Burnete
LPG - an alternative solution to fuel a car diesel engine
Nikolaos Cristian Nutu, Constantin Pana, Niculae Negurescu, Alexandru Cernat, Dinu Fuiorescu, Liviu Nemoianu
Experimental research on a diesel engine
Marin Nicolau, Constantin Iulian Pantece, Leonard Iulian Cucu, Gabriel Ionut Dorobantu, Ion Copae
Issues concerning the determination of the correspondence between low pressure distillation and gas chromatography analysis of biodiesel. Preliminary results.
Rodica Niculescu, Mihaela Nastase, Adrian Clenci, Victor Iorga-Siman, Catalin Zaharia
The Study of Adjustment Possibilities for a Hydraulic Control System Used for Adaptive Thermal Motors
Marinica Stan, Petre Stan
Equipment and techniques for energy assessment of internal combustion engines
Rares Lucian Chiriac, Anghel Chiru, Ovidiu Andrei Condrea, Dan Mihai Dogariu
Modeling the Torque Oscillations During Gear Shifts on Automated Manual Transmission
Stefan Saragea, Mircea Ioan Oprean, Gabriel Badea, Gheorghe Fratila
On the Stability of the Vehicle's Cornering Motion
Bogdan Nicolescu, Tiberiu Macarie
Research of operational trend-lines and optimal features in K9K792 engine electronic management from Dacia Logan powertrain
Emilian Vasile Borza, Adela Ioana Borzan, Doru Laurean Baldean
The Study of the KERS Flywheel Sealing
Mihaela Istrate, Dinel Popa, Claudia Mari Popa, Monica Bildea
The Simulation of the Gas Exchange Process for the Internal Combustion Engines with Opposite Pistons
Adrian Tusinean, Peter Hofbauer, Horia Beles, Tudor Mitran
Considerations on the Gas Exchange Process in Internal Combustion Engines with Opposite Pistons
Adrian Tusinean, Peter Hofbauer, Horia Beles, Sebastian Radu

Advanced engineering, software and simulation

Modeling and Simulation of the Specific Mechanisms Used in Convertible Automobiles
Daniela Antonescu, Daniel Iozsa, Ovidiu Antonescu, Gheorghe Fratila
CFD Simulation of Turbulent Flow around a Shrouded Spur Gear for Predicting Load-Independent Windage Power Losses
Emre Kara, Omer Firat Nas, Nihat Yildirim
Numerical Investigation of Slant Angle Effect on a Simplified Car Model with Solution Adaptive Cartesian Grid Method
Emre Kara
Control of Injection Process Using iRate Injection Law on Single Cylinder Diesel Engine's by Numerical Simulation
Calin Iclodean, Vasile Solcan, Marian Craciunescu, Florin Mariasiu, Bogdan Jurchis
The Aerodynamic Study of a Body Truck
Sanda Mariana Bodea, Calin Vasile Prodan, Iacob Liviu Scurtu
Simulink model to optimize cab suspension
Cornelia Stan, Daniel Iozsa
Considerations about the stream line resistances of an amphibious vehicle while moving on water
Radu Vilau, Dragos Sorin Suci, Alexandru Simion Stoica, Adrian Constantinescu
Study of Stability on Water for a Special Amphibious Vehicle
Radu Vilau, Alexandru Simion Stoica, Adrian Constantinescu, Dragos Sorin Suci
Evaluation of using Mobile Devices for 3D Reconstruction of Accidents
Razvan Gabriel Boboc, Florin Girbacia, Cristian Cezar Postelnicu, Gheorghe Daniel Voinea
Experimental Research on the Use of MRD to Reduce Shocks and Vibrations in Light Car Seats
Marian Florin Mitroi, Camelia Cerbu
Lateral Impact Behavior Study of a Car Door
Daniel Iozsa, Ana Maria Manea, Victor Costin David, Cornelia Stan
Considerations for Designing Efficient User Interfaces in Augmented Reality Enabled Head-Up Displays
Mihai Duguleana
Using Inertial Sensors in Driver Posture Tracking Systems
Silviu Butnariu, Gheorghe Mogan, Csaba Antonya
Optimizing the responsiveness of a turbocharged ICE through a new design of the exhaust line
Levente Botond Kocsis, Dan Moldovanu, Doru Laurean Baldean, Ferenc Gaspar
Research contributions through virtual modeling of an innovative particle filter for alternative application in automotive field using advanced engineering methods
Adela Ioana Borzan, Doru Laurean Baldean
Contribution to applied engineering research of the compression piston ring wear from internal combustion engine
Ioan Aurel Chereches, Adela Ioana Borzan, Doru Laurean Baldean
Contributions in further development of advanced engineering solutions regarding the N.V.H. aspects in Porsche Cayenne vs. Cayman testing conditions at Technical University from Cluj-Napoca
Doru Laurean Baldean, Bogdan Ovidiu Varga, Adela Ioana Borzan
Study on the Contact Stress Between the Piston-Ball and the Swash Plate for an Axial Hydrostatic Motor
Sebastian Radu, Horia Abaitancei, Cristi Irimia, Mihail Grovu, Calin Husar
Topography Optimization of a Bracket Used for Car Bodywork Reinforcement
Iacob Liviu Scurtu, Monica Carmen Balcau, Ancuta Nadia Jurco
The impact of the wheel’s rim on the aerodynamics of passenger vehicles
Laurentiu Ilea, Daniel Iozsa, Cornelia Stan, Gheorghe Fratila
Deep soil tillage tools optimization study
Gabriel Gheorghe, Petru Cardei, Laurentiu Vladutoiu, Lucian Fechete, Dan Cujbescu
Numerical Results Obtained on Models of Dynamical Systems Used in the Study of Active Suspensions
Sorin Marcu, Dinel Popa, Nicolae Doru Stanescu, Nicolae Pandrea
Modeling and Analysis of a Vehicle Suspension
Liviu Nicolae Mihon, Nicolae Stelian Lontis
Vibrotactile Patterns for Smartphone Based ADAS Warnings
Florin Girbacia, Gheorghe Daniel Voinea, Teodora Girbacia
Predictive Actuation of a Driving Simulator
Csaba Antonya, Laurentiu Carabulea, Cornelia Pauna
Study on the Dynamic Behaviour of a Car Wheel Rim
Ionel Vieru, Elena Neagu, Andrei Alexandru Boroiu, Mihaela Istrate
Design Optimization of a Passenger Car’s Steering System for Minimizing the Ackerman Error and the Turning Radius
Augustin Constantinescu, Mario Trotea, Loreta Simniceanu, Gheorghe Popa-Mitroi
Virtual Determinations and Analyzes on the Influence of the MRD Magnetic Field from the Vehicle Structure in Assessing the Passenger Comfort During Travel
Marian Florin Mitroi, Camil Tudor, Iulian Turcanu
The Development of a Recording System Able to Read Vehicle Parameters From On-Board Computer Without the Use of a Dedicated/Universal Tester
Daniela Voicu, Laszlo Barothi, Ramona Monica Stoica, Andrei Mandache-Dodoiu

Road safety, traffic control and transportation engineering

Monitoring and alert system: neuro-fuzzy decision algorithm based on biological signals acquired from vehicle drivers
Tiberiu Vesselenyi, Alexandru Rus, Tudor Mitran, Mircea Bogdan Tataru, Sorin Moca
Determination of some vehicle dynamic performances using the dynamometric roller chassis
Adrian Soica, Adrian Budala, Vlad Monescu
Considerations on Using the Crash Pulse in the Vehicle-Vehicle Collision Assessment
Dragos Sorin Dima, Dinu Covaciu, Anghel Chiru
Critical Evaluation of the Pedestrian Walking Distances on the Congested Urban Networks
Daniela Florea, Dinu Covaciu, Janos Timar, Stelian Tarulescu
Experimental Research in Case of Car to Pedestrian Collision
Liviu Petrescu, Alexandru Petrescu
The relevance of public questionnaires on the development of measures to increase sustainable urban mobility
Georgiana Silvia Muresan, Nicolae Filip
Research of an integrated model system for data collection and real-time transfer capabilities regarding road traffic events in a cluster data base type of traffic network
Adela Ioana Borzan, Doru Laurean Baldean
Traffic Modeling In Urban Congested Areas
Cristina Floriana Oprea, Mircea Augustin Rosca, Serban Stere, Sergiu Olteanu
Research regarding on choosing optimal traffic organization using ranking criteria
Carmen Gheorghe, Nicolae Filip
Research regarding on how to assess traffic congestion in relation to vehicle speed and flow rate
Carmen Gheorghe, Nicolae Filip
Efficiency Analysis of Passive Safety Systems in Vehicles in the Case of Frontal Collision Using Experimental Tests
Alexandru Ionut Radu, Daniel Dragos Trusca, George Toganel, Bogdan Tolea
Explanatory models of the weather factors’ influence on road traffic accidents produced in Romania in different road’s features
Alin Drosu, Corneliu Cofaru
The Monitoring of the Submarine Effect in Frontal Collisions, at Different Impact Speeds and for the Driver’s Out of Position Instances
Oana Victoria Otat, Victor Otat, Dragos Tutunea, Ionut Daniel Geonea, Gabriel Marinescu
Low Annoyance Smartphone Based ADAS – Design Evaluation Using AttrakDiff
Gheorghe Daniel Voinea, Razvan Gabriel Boboc, Florin Girbacia, Cristian Cezar Postelnicu
Influences of the suspensions characteristics on the vehicle stability
Nicolae Cordos, Adrian Todorut
Evaluation of the vehicle sideslip angle according to different road conditions
Adrian Todorut, Nicolae Cordos
The overlap influence in case of a car-to-pedestrian accident
Bogdan Tolea, Alexandru Ionut Radu, Horia Beles
The influence of the exhaust line high frequency sounds on the BSW sensors
Catalin Meirosu, Laurentiu Ilea
The significance and effect of the traffic system signaling to the environment, present and future traffic
Henrietta Lengyel, Zsolt Szalay
Analysis of Car-Cyclist Accidents Occurring at Relative Medium and High Vehicle Speed
Nicolae Ispas, Mircea Nastasoiu, Radu Iulian Negrila
A Comparative Analysis of the Road Noise Immission Models
Andrei Alexandru Boroiu, Elena Neagu, Alexandru Boroiu, Sebastian Parlac
On the Management of Activity of Technical Control of Motor Vehicles
Marian Burcea, Ion Tabacu
Studies on determining the dynamics of public transport based on interdependent passengers - reconfiguration of stations
Lucian Matei, Ilie Dumitru, Alexandru Oprica, Laurentiu Racila, Bogdan Florescu, Alexandru Dima, Mihaela Racila
Studies on Optimization Connection and Intermodal Capacities in TNT Transport Corridors
Cristiana Sirbu, Ilie Dumitru, Laurentiu Racila, Oana Victoria Otat, Theodor Oprica
Application of generalized linear Poisson model for fatal crashes occurred on curve and inclined plane
Dan Pop
Finite element analysis of occupant safety in the case of vehicle lateral impact with a rigid pole
Dan Pop
Capacity and traffic performance depending on intersections design
Laurentiu Claudiu Manea, Adriana Teodora Manea, Stelian Tarulescu, Daniela Florea
Comparison of Passenger Vehicle Braking Distance When Traveling On Snow and Asphalt at Different Velocities
Alexandru Ionut Radu, Daniel Dragos Trusca, Laurentiu Claudiu Manea, George Toganel
Study of school bus transportation system for Cernavoda city
Adriana Teodora Manea, Laurentiu Claudiu Manea, Stelian Tarulescu, Radu Tarulescu

Manufacturing technologies and Materials

Considerations on the usage of the same air filtration system on different engine types
Marius Toma, Adrian Asimopolos
Designing Hybrid BF/FF Epoxy Based Composites with Tailorable Dielectric Properties
Dana Luca Motoc, Radu Tarulescu, Stelian Tarulescu, Adrian Soica
A Comparison Approach to Fire Retardancy Behavior on Tailored Hybrid BF/FF Cyanate-Epoxy Composites
Dana Luca Motoc, George Ionut Sava
Research of optimal engineering solutions in gas after-treatment management systems by using alternative composite materials as base for coating
Doru Laurean Baldean, Lucian Vasile Crisan-Lupa, Adela Ioana Borzan
Researching manufacturing technologies and programs in recovering residual energy from automotive waste materials for an improved efficiency in thermo-chemical conversion
Adela Ioana Borzan, Emilian Vasile Borza, Doru Laurean Baldean
Experimental study on the influence of using pistons with ceramic crown on actual torque and CO emission
Ioan Radu Sugar, Mihai Banica, Liviu Giurgiulescu
Development of a material model for the use in life-time estimate of structures
Sandu Ionela Alina
Determination of the Tool's Trajectory for the Manufacturing of the Profile of a Cam
Ionut Dragomir, Nicolae Doru Stanescu
Use of Mini-Max Approximation for the Determination of the Dependency between the Input and Output Parameters for the Automotive Parts Obtained by Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Nicolae Doru Stanescu, Maria Luiza Besliu, Stefan Tabacu
The Determination of the Dependency between the Input and Output Parameters in Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Using Multi Polytropic Functions
Nicolae Doru Stanescu, Maria Luiza Besliu, Stefan Tabacu, Dinel Popa, Alin Daniel Rizea, Monica Iordache
Re-sintering influence on tribological and structural characteristics of iron-based composites for automotive applications
Violeta Valentina Merie, Corina Julieta Birleanu, Catalin Ovidiu Popa, Marius Sorin Pustan, Nicolae Vlad Burnete
The NEPCM materials as cooling solutions for high power Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
Dorin Lelea, Adrian Eugen Cioabla
Estimation of tribological properties for Fe-Cu-graphite-Ni-TiO2 composites for automotive industry
Florina Maria Serdean, Violeta Valentina Merie, Corina Julieta Birleanu, Catalin Ovidiu Popa, Marius Sorin Pustan
A Comparative Study on the Comfort and Safety of the Seat Cover Fabrics
Ionel Barbu, Simona Magdalena Fogorasi, Mihaela Dochia, Monica Pustianu, Adina Bucevschi, Daniela Farima
Theoretical and experimental analysis for the load capacity of the cone tightening assemblies
Ionut Daniel Geonea, Nicolae Dumitru, Cristian Copilusi, Ilie Dumitru, Oana Victoria Otat, Dragos Tutunea
Optimized Prototyping for the Increasing of Performances of a Design Process
Daniel Constantin Anghel, Maria Luiza Besliu, Nicolae Doru Stanescu
Implementation of Single – Loop Kanban System Using Indoor Location Based on RFID
Nadia Belu, Eduard Laurentiu Nitu, Alin Daniel Rizea, Cornelia Ana Gavriluta, Laurentiu Mihai Ionescu, Alin Constantin Gavriluta
On the Temperature and Chips types in Milling of an Austenitic Stainless Steel
Nicolae Craciunoiu, Daniela Tarata, Cosmin Miritoiu, Emil Nicusor Patru, Dumitru Panduru
On the Cutting Tool and Workpiece Temperature in Turning of Titanium Parts Used in Automotive Industry
Dumitru Panduru, Nicolae Craciunoiu, Emil Nicusor Patru, Marin Bica
Influence of Cutting Tool Diameter on Cutting Tool Temperature in Milling of Aluminum Alloys Used in Automotive Industry
Emil Nicusor Patru, Nicolae Craciunoiu, Dumitru Panduru, Marin Bica
Dynamic analysis of a rotating structure manufactured by fused deposition modeling
Claudiu Diaconescu, Stefan Tabacu, Alexandru Oltean, Sebastian Parlac
Comparative Study on the Regeneration of Used Motor Oil
Cornelia Stan, Marius Toma, Cristian Andreescu, Daniel Iozsa

Green Vehicle Solutions

Influence of TiO2 nano-particles content on physicochemical and tribological properties of lubricant oil
Andreia Molea, István Barabas, Ramona Suciu
Fuel Properties of Diesel-Ethanol-Tetrahydrofuran Blends: Experimental and Theoretical Approaches
István Barabas, Andreia Molea, Ramona Suciu
Technical solutions for increasing the energy performance of internal combustion engines
Rares Lucian Chiriac, Anghel Chiru, George Toganel, Ovidiu Andrei Condrea
Researching the applied engineering protocol to implement a program for monitoring air quality management and carbon-footprint for future green vehicles in urban area
Ioan Aurel Chereches, Adela Ioana Borzan, Doru Laurean Baldean
Research concerning fuel economy coefficient and carbon foot print in various conditions for a city compact size vehicle with digital control for a green solution and method at Technical University from Cluj-Napoca
Emilian Vasile Borza, Doru Laurean Baldean, Adela Ioana Borzan
Innovative Methodology for Decreasing Mechanical Losses in Vehicles
Antoaneta Dobreva, Vasko Dobrev
Biodiesel production and sustainability challenge
Fazal Um Min Allah, Marin Bica, Dragos Tutunea
Temperature Dependence of Densities of Different Biodiesel-Diesel-Alcohol Ternary Blends
Mert Gülüm, Atilla Bilgin
Development of Two-Dimensional Models for Estimating Densities of Biodiesel-Diesel-Alcohol Ternary Blends
Mert Gülüm, Olusegun David Samuel, Atilla Bilgin
Legal barriers of utilization of autonomous vehicles as part of green mobility
Máté Zöldy
Techniques and Procedures for Assessing the Energy Balance of Internal Combustion Engines
Bogdan Cornel Benea, Anghel Chiru
Assessment of the Energy Balance of Biofuels for Motor Vehicles
Bogdan Cornel Benea, Anghel Chiru
Characterization of sunflower oil biodiesel as alternative for diesel fuel
Dragos Tutunea, Ilie Dumitru, Laurentiu Racila, Oana Victoria Otat, Lucian Matei, Ionut Daniel Geonea
Reducing Carbon Emissions from Vehicles by Using Catalytic Solutions
Stelian Tarulescu, Radu Tarulescu, Cristian Ioan Leahu, Adrian Soica, Cornel Arama
Reducing Diesel Emissions by Using a Catalytic Solution
Stelian Tarulescu, Radu Tarulescu, Cristian Ioan Leahu, Adrian Soica, Cornel Arama
Applications of Biogas Inside a Motogenerator – Case Study
Adrian Eugen Cioabla, Virgil Stoica, Francisc Popescu
Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Fuel Additives with Tamarind Biodiesel on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine
Vallapudi Dhana Raju, P S Kishore, Harish Venu

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