Technical Visits

1. Bosch – Jucu – 18.10.2018

In Romania, the Bosch Group comprises five entities in different locations across the country. The company’s headquarters is based in Bucharest where Bosch also has a sales office. In the country’s capital there is also a branch of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, active in the market of household appliances. In Cluj, Bosch operates a research and development center as well as a production unit for automotive technology. A production unit for linear motion technology and one for automotive technology are located in Blaj. The company runs also a Business Process Outsourcing center in Timişoara.

The Bosch plant in Jucu, Cluj County, has been manufacturing electronic components for the automotive industry since 2014 in areas such as driving assistance or safety and comfort management. In 2017 only, over 43 million electronic components, such as electronic control units for the eBike powertrain systems and parking assistance have been manufactured, as well as engine and airbag control units. To increase competitiveness and streamline production, Bosch has introduced Industry 4.0 solutions in Jucu.

Estimated duration:  2 hours and 30 minutes

Technical visit program: will be soon published on site.


2. STC Star Transmission – Sebeş – 19.10.2018

Star Transmission and Star Assembly, STC & STA, are two companies part of the German group Daimler. STC & STA is an international component supplier for the automotive industry, a producer of complex powertrain components such as: gears, shafts, mechanically processed components for engines, transmissions and steering gear boxes.

Star Transmission, in Cugir, manufactures gearwheels and shafts as well as machined components for engines, transmissions and steering systems. It is also home to the technology center and a training establishment. Star Assembly was set up in 2013, in Sebeş, with production of the five-speed automatic transmission launching in the same year, while the first seven-speed automatic transmission left the assembly line one year later, in 2014. Since 2016 the company also assembles the newest type of gearboxes: the 9G-Tronic.

As a joint venture between Daimler AG – the Transmission Production Department and the Romanian Ministry of Industries combine the know-how of both partners regarding the processing of metals, with local benefits for the economic development. The customers and collaborators, mostly in the automotive industry, consider STC & STA a safe and competent partner able to respond with top quality to the customers’ numerous requirements. STC & STA has over 2000 employers, in both locations and is the one of the biggest automotive companies in Romania.

Estimated duration: 7 hours

Technical visit program: will be soon published on site.

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