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AMMA 2018 A Comparative Analysis of the Road Noise Immission Models Abstract
Andrei Alexandru Boroiu, Elena Neagu, Alexandru Boroiu, Sebastian Parlac
AMMA 2018 A Comparative Study on the Comfort and Safety of the Seat Cover Fabrics Abstract
Ionel Barbu, Simona Magdalena Fogorasi, Mihaela Dochia, Monica Pustianu, Adina Bucevschi, Daniela Farima
AMMA 2018 A Comparison Approach to Fire Retardancy Behavior on Tailored Hybrid BF/FF Cyanate-Epoxy Composites Abstract
Dana Luca Motoc, George Ionut Sava
AMMA 2018 A Conventional Approach to Estimate NOx and Soot Emissions of a Diesel Engine fueled with Diesel and Biodiesel Fuels Abstract
Bogdan Radu, Radu Chiriac, Alexandru Cristian Racovitza
AMMA 2018 A Pneumatic Propulsion System for Urban Cars Abstract
Tudor Mitran, Catalin Chioreanu, George Dragomir, David Fagadar
AMMA 2018 A study about development of electric oil pump controller based on the AUTOSAR Abstract
Haejin Kim, Seung Yun Ryu, Hojeong Yoo, Hyoungsu Kim, Kwangyeol Kim
AMMA 2018 An Experimental Research on Power Losses into an Automotive Manual Transmission Abstract
Adrian Budala, Adrian Soica
AMMA 2018 Analysis of Car-Cyclist Accidents Occurring at Relative Medium and High Vehicle Speed Abstract
Nicolae Ispas, Mircea Nastasoiu, Radu Iulian Negrila
AMMA 2018 Analysis of Range Extended Hybrid Vehicle with Rotary Internal Combustion Engine Using AVL Cruise Abstract
Norbert Bagameri, Bogdan Ovidiu Varga, Dan Moldovanu, Aron Csato, Dimitrios Karamousantas
AMMA 2018 Application of generalized linear Poisson model for fatal crashes occurred on curve and inclined plane Abstract
Dan Pop
AMMA 2018 Applications of Biogas Inside a Motogenerator – Case Study Abstract
Adrian Eugen Cioabla, Virgil Stoica, Francisc Popescu
AMMA 2018 Assessment of Life Cycle Cost for a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Abstract
Denisa Cimerdean, Nicolae Burnete, Calin Iclodean
AMMA 2018 Assessment of the Energy Balance of Biofuels for Motor Vehicles Abstract
Bogdan Cornel Benea, Anghel Chiru
AMMA 2018 Availability Analysis of Alternative Fuels for Compression Ignition Engine Combustion Abstract
Jonathan Mattson, Christopher Depcik
AMMA 2018 Biodiesel production and sustainability challenge Abstract
Fazal Um Min Allah, Marin Bica, Dragos Tutunea
AMMA 2018 Butanol effects on the fuelled diesel engine operation with preheated diesel fuel-animal fat blends Abstract
Alexandru Cernat, Constantin Pana, Niculae Negurescu, Nikolaos Cristian Nutu, Adrian Nicolici
AMMA 2018 Capacity and traffic performance depending on intersections design Abstract
Laurentiu Claudiu Manea, Adriana Teodora Manea, Stelian Tarulescu, Daniela Florea
AMMA 2018 CFD Simulation of Turbulent Flow around a Shrouded Spur Gear for Predicting Load-Independent Windage Power Losses Abstract
Emre Kara, Omer Firat Nas, Nihat Yildirim
AMMA 2018 Characterization of sunflower oil biodiesel as alternative for diesel fuel Abstract
Dragos Tutunea, Ilie Dumitru, Laurentiu Racila, Oana Victoria Otat, Lucian Matei, Ionut Daniel Geonea
AMMA 2018 Combustion Analysis for Single Cylinder Engine Running on Various Types of Diesel Abstract
Nicolae Vlad Burnete, Florina Maria Serdean, Nicolae Burnete, Dan Moldovanu
AMMA 2018 Comparative Study on the Regeneration of Used Motor Oil Abstract
Cornelia Stan, Marius Toma, Cristian Andreescu, Daniel Iozsa
AMMA 2018 Comparison and behavior analysis in relation to autonomy of urban driving cycle for compact class full electric vehicle using ADVISOR numerical simulations Abstract
Nicolae Stelian Lontis, Liviu Nicolae Mihon
AMMA 2018 Comparison of Passenger Vehicle Braking Distance When Traveling On Snow and Asphalt at Different Velocities Abstract
Alexandru Ionut Radu, Daniel Dragos Trusca, Laurentiu Claudiu Manea, George Toganel
AMMA 2018 Considerations about the stream line resistances of an amphibious vehicle while moving on water Abstract
Radu Vilau, Dragos Sorin Suci, Alexandru Simion Stoica, Adrian Constantinescu
AMMA 2018 Considerations for Designing Efficient User Interfaces in Augmented Reality Enabled Head-Up Displays Abstract
Mihai Duguleana
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